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SAP Interface to SolidWorks Save & Display Slow Performance

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When working with large assembly (~100s or models or more) Save and Display of Assembly or Dependent Document takes a very long time compared to Save and Display of a small Assembly and Dependent Document (less than 10 models). Even the smallest change to the parent assembly take much more time to save. It seems ECTR is checking the DIR data for every model and looping though objects that have had no change. File transfer to the content server happens quicky once step 5 of 9 is reached in the Save process but it seems the SAP Application Server is being querried for more data than needed to perform a Save and Display of a single Assembly and it's Drawing.

Is there a way to configure or optimize ECTR to look at only the changed objects and to stop the long querry of metadata for subcomponents that have not had any change or some other consideration to improve perfomance ?

Currently using ECTR with SAP Engineering Control Center 1.1 Interface build

Upgrade to ECTR with SAP Engineering Control Center 1.1 Interface build is pending deployment to Production System now.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Hello Neal,

you are using a very old interface (Release 07/2017).

Please update to ECTR 5.1.15 and Interface PL 22 and check again the performance.

If you have still performance issues, please open a SAP Ticket with Logfiles with tracelevel debug.

Best Regards