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SAP GLM Print Request - Load Balancing of WWI server

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Hi GLM Experts,

I am using new GLM + module that generates labels based on Print Requests. I am unable to understand how I can load balance the WWI services when there are multiple label printing requests.

In GLM + we associate a WWI to a Print Station and which can then be associated with a printer. So in the configuration we are tying up a printer a WWI.

Also during label printing, if the scenario uses print request module, then the use need to select a print station and printer. What happens if the WWI related to the print station is down?

For example I have two services in WWI server GENPC1 and GENPC2. I created WWII and WWI2 as two print stations. I will associate my printer PRNWWI to both the print stations WWI1 and WWI2.

During label printing if the user picks and WWI1 and Printer PDNWWI and if the GENPC1 WWI server assocaited with print status WWI1 is busy and down I want WWI GENPC2 to generate the label?

How to setup the above load balancing or fall back? Please let me know.



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Dear Pugal

we are not using GLM + and I am not sure about the technqiue used there to handle load balancing. Regarding general WWI setup I assume you know this Note: EH&S: Availability and performance of WWI and Expert servers

On the top there is a further SAP Note abvailable which might be of interest. This is referenced here:

May be check OSS note: 1958655; OSS Note 1155294 is more related to normal WWI stuff; but may be check it as well. May be 1934253 might help better

May be this might help.


PS: may be check as well: consolut - EHS_MD_140_01 - EH&S-Management-Server einrichten

The load balancing of synchron WWi servers is donein the "RFC" layer, therefore you have no inffluence here, for asynchron WWI servers you can do a lot to manage the WWI load balancing by using "exits" etc.