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SAP FMS : PO Dateline Calculation Logic

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Hi All,

There is a requirement to prohibit the “Departure Date” field (Located at PO Item Details >> Date Line tab) from re-calculating when changes are done to fields such as PO quantity and Pricing. It is required to prohibit the “Departure Date” in the dateline tab from recalculating.

Below is a PO created with the observations. It was noted that when after creating the PO, on the following day the status in the Date Line changed to Red as displayed below in section “Observation 02”. Would also want to know why this status changes from Green to Red which enables the Date Line dates to change after the initial creation.

Observation 01: The dateline on the PO creation date (17th January):-

Observation 02: The dateline on the following day (18th January):-

Observation 03: After the quantity was changed to 25 on the 18th of January:-

Notice that the Delivery Date of the PO changed to 16.03.2018 automatically with the quantity change, where it was originally 15.03.2018 and the Date Line tab Departure Date changed from 31.01.2018 to 01.02.2018

Thanks & Regards,

Janith N.

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