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If a EHS professional switch career and gain experience in to SAP EHS, will that be helpful for future career growth ?

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please check e.g. or

These Blogs try a "little" bit to answer your question (but not really in context of "Career options/opportunities)

The topic: "How to start a career" (in EHS or whatever SAP solution) Is one of "top 5 asked" questions. The answer is not really possible here as there are many factors to "look at"

Satya tried to help. Further questions are like: what is the money you will earn? which companies tries to acquire currently persons with EHS knowledge and in which country; what skills are expected etc.


PS: please read carefully the answer of Satya: EHS is related (on SAP side) to the term "Sustainability". SAP has lot of solutions which they deliver and stating: this solution support you to be "sustainable"

Examples of blogs you can find regarding this are:

and much more like that

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Hello Anitha

It depends on multiple factors based on company and the projects you work with .. Sustainability is always hot topic and niche area.