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SAP EHS Global Label Management

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Hi experts !

I am new to SAP EHS. Can you provide some examples comparing the actual business scenario of label usage in a company with that of GLM components. I feel it will be useful to clearly understand terminologies like Label stock, etc... I have doubt in differentiating label size and size of label stock. something which is stock have to be mentioned in terms of quantity, rit..?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Subhash,

It gives more confusion in understanding the label stock and label size.

You can blindly think in this way, that labels stock would deals with the paper size/ dimensions.

for ex - A4, A3, etc.,

But in Label stock determination you have to consider couple of things like validity areas, label categories, Label size,.....where you can control your labels.

and Label size would be the layout sizes, which is part of the label stock.

Both of these required in creation of the label. Unit of measures in genreal practice, used in MM. but you have some other choices, you can go for.

I can provide some more hints on GLM, how it works.

you can create the label stock in the transaction CBGL_LS02 and the label size is part of the label stock always. and also we consider always to maintain the label size is less than or equal to the label stock.

Generation variant deals as an intermediate, to connnect the label stock and the wwi report template.

In material master (label data view) you can maintain either generation variant field (or) label size. to pick the correct label for printing.

for supppose, you maintained the label size in the material master, the same checks the label stocks, from their the generation variant will be picked up automatically.

You may get more in information about the same in below links..



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Dear Subash

regarding your topic

"I am new to SAP EHS. Can you provide some examples comparing the actual business scenario of label usage in a company with that of GLM components. " here are some small hints:

a.) even if a company uses SAP (e.g. SAP ERP) in most cases a high number of different label tools are used on the top; there are many companies on the market which  deliver label solutions (design label, store label, print label etc.)

b.) in many cases SAP ERP (SAP EH&S) is combined with these tools. e.g. by  using "ALE"; therefore master data is maintained in SAP EH&S but the label is not created within SAP EH&S GLM but a different software based on the master data maintained in SAP EH&S is used

c.) SAP EH&S GLM is not well understood by many companies; many of them believe that using "WWI" is not "flexible" enough to print any label etc. etc.; many of the companies do not understand the "label printing scenarios" etc.

Furthermore many companies does have problems to differentiate label types: You can have lables which are "material" related, "substance" related", "general labels"; you have labels on the e.g. drum; you have labels on the "palette" etc.; these labels does have different use; You have "transport" labels etc.. in case of scenario producing a chemical and sotring it you have different requirements regarding lables in comparison to bring the chemcial to "market" (deliver it). Therefore on the top you have "relabel" activities as well. Depending on regional situation this can be a "business driver"; e.g. in europe you need to print normlly something like 4 language on a label;

If you read cross SAP documentation you will find that GLM is used not only used in core SAP EHS but e.g in SAP Recipe Management/Development etc.

Only to give some insight in the topic here are some examples of labels (real ! labels) which need to be printed if your companiey is running this type of business:

etc. etc.

"Normal" lables examples:

It is painful to analyse all of these labels; on the top in 80% you need additional data maintained in SAP EH&S (because there is no SAP Standard poperty  to do so)

Therefore to run a project in SAP EH&S GLM can be painful; but the reason is more related to the fact that the "scope" of the project might not be clear etc. and GLM demands are more complex than SAP EH&S PS or DG demands. So GLM projects does have higher risks.

Frankly: not all of the demands coming up can be dealed with SAP EH&S GLM; but there is indication that the next generation fo SAP EH&S will provide better label solutions as in the past; please refer to:


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