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Hi Expert,

I have a problem with SVT.

The system need a obligatory value (?????) into the Characteristic (SAP_EHS_1023_012_CODE), class Notification Status (SAP_EHS_1023_012), the problem is that don't have this value, I put a value and the program RREGH_FILL not take this value, on other hand, It's supouse that this value is generated by Function (C14K_PHRASECHARACT_CHECK) but is not doing.

SE38--->PROGRAM: RREGCH_FILL --->say: "the characteristic SAP_EHS_1023_012_CODE don't have Value"

But this is not logical, because the characteristic have value into the property tree, class: SAP_EHS_1023_012

Characteristic: SAP_EHS_1023_012_CODE (Notification) = "POS" (I put this value manualy to keep going).

Other thing is that the Characteristic take their own value with C14K_PHRASECHARACT_CHECK Function.

In my case, this Characteristic never take value, so I put one Value, for example "POS", but still haven't value for the progam: RREGCH_FILL

Any tips for this situation?

I need a specific SAP Note?

I make a Mistake?

CL02-->the characterist have "Value Assigment = Single Value (ratio button)" and "Function = C14K_PHRASECHARACT_CHECK"

Thanks for your time and good will.


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Answers (2)

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Hi alejandro,

pls check sap note 1102537..may be it helps you