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SAP EC - Limit Check on Validity Date

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is it possible to create a new Limit check based on the validity period of a requirement in order to have an exception when the validity date is overdue?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Simone,

This is possible. This functionality has been introduced for EC 3.0 SP9 and all later releases till EC 3.0 SP15.

Hope, This is your question now  that the current period start date is before the parent requirement start date

1. Create a new Limit Check

2. Enter all required fieds

3. On the Tab "When" select aggregation type "Average"

4. Select the aggregation period "1 Month"

5. Select the aggregation period start date one month before the valid from date of the parent requirement

Try this solution 

A new EC Property activates the functionality to crate a period start date before the parent requirement valid from date:

1. Naviagate to EC Configuration with an EC Admin user

2. Go to Basic Settings --> EC Properties

3. Change the property "permit.limit.period.outside" value to "true"

4. Save the EC Properties

Now the period validation is disabled and limit check period start date can be defined before the parent requirement valid from date.


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Thanks Edward,

this is a very useful answers but still, I can not understand how to define the Limit Check.

The system mandatory ask me to select a Material but I just want to check if the today date is inside or outside the validity range period of the requirement.

I hope you can help me.


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