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SAP DM Resource Status Icon on WC POD

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Hi Experts,

Is it possible to show selected Resource Status Icon on WC POD?

Resource Status plugin provides tabular view of all the resource and its current status.

Is there any way wherein we can show selected Resource Status on the POD just like SFC status?

Thank you.


Sabahat Shaikh

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Yes this would be quite simple to build as a custom pod plugin. The POD framework contains an internal event called "ResourceChangeEvent" which is trigger when a user selects a resource in the POD , this could then trigger an API call to find the selected resources status and display it in the plugin.

See the documentation here

If you have experience building plugins this should be less than 1 hours work.

Another option is to use a core extension to the worklist plugin (documented here ) to display the status (maybe change the background colour) based on the same event.

Hope this helps.



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