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RREGCH_FILL program aborts as background job

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Hello the SAP Community,

Since last weekend (SAP upgrade), our job that is running program RREGCH_FILL is failing.

After some investigations, this is because of SAP Note 2622235 which was implemented with the SAP upgrade.
It is now making a check on the Business Partner deletion flag. This check was not done before.
RREGCH_FILL runs on a platform A, but is getting SVT data from another platform B.

Some Business Partners are locked/deleted on platform A.

It does not sound bad, as the log returns all these deleted Business Partners as errors. And I think the process is still working when the Business Partners are not deleted. But in the end, the program (in background) fails, returning the first error message it encountered.

Do you think it is possible to deactivate this new checking?

Running the program online seems to work properly. It does not end with an error, but shows the encountered errors.
This is a bit what I expect to achieve, but running the program in background...

Thanks in advance for your comments,

Some technical details:
Error message is CBRC_REGCHECK254, saying "Specified Business Partner XXX is not valid".
SAP_BASIS release is 750 (SP-level 0019).

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Answers (2)

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I checked the OSS note you are referring to. This is a very old one (2018)

It is related to CBRC01/02/03 as transaction only. Currently: i can not see any significance of this OSS note for the "Fill" routine

Therefore: as explained before: we need more information to help you


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your scenario is not clear enough.

Coming back to:

"RREGCH_FILL runs on a platform A, but is getting SVT data from another platform B."

This is normally a very "bad" set up (the performance should be not good) (or may be i misinterpret your wording),

Normally the set up is like: you have a system in which you mantain the EHS SVT data and then you distribute the data using ALE to a different system in which the "fill" and the "tracking" is happening.

Anyhow: I assume the following

Via Customizing you have potentially exchanged SAP standard functions by using customer specific ones a lot so that you can "read" data from system B.

So step one should be: use CBRC10 (or use other options) to indentify which "business partner "is in scope. In most cases: the "FILL" routine does not consider a "Business Partner".

Can you explain in wich function module etc. you get the dump?

Any how: if you start the FILL routine "direct" (not as a background job) using the "specific data" in focus; you can do a "debug" etc.

POtentially you can then adjust your customer code so that the effect will not happen

On top: It is may be a good idea to strat "OSS dialog"