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Rolling dates for Portfolio Item

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Hello PPM Experts,

Have two questions:

1. The requirement is for rolling dates of a Portfolio Item. If I set the Bucket Fin Planning dates between 2021 and 2030, Once we cross over to 2022, these dates should change to 2022 to 2031. Since these dates are copied over from Bucket to the Item (and it is non editable here), how can I accomplish this for the Item? Can I make this field editable? Or, is there any other solution?

2. I have made all settings for creation of a PS project from Item. When I am trying to execute it, I am getting the error: "Fill out all required entry fields". Since I have provided a PS template to be copied over, all the data is available there. I am not getting which field is being referred to. Can someone highlight what could have been missed?




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