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Restricting Price change of PO in ME22N after MIRO

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Dear Experts,

I have a doubt regarding an issue. We have a requirement in ME22N  that is if Invoice verification(MIRO) of particular material is done then it should not allow us

to change the price of that PO.But right now it is allowing to change the net price if the Invoice verification(MIRO) of particular

material is done. The entry showing that the Invoice verification is done or not is posted in EKBE and I have searched for

Customer Exit and BAdI for the same but there is not any enhancement that directly provides me EKBE data and I dont want to

fetch data from EKBE in enhancement by query because of performance issue..

1. Is there any enhancement that provide EKBE data for particular PO for Tcode ME22N.

2. Is there any configuaration setting through which this thing can be avoided i.e. to restrict the change in the Net Price once the

Invoice verification(MIRO) of particular material is done..



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Hi Paavan,

This is the SAP MII community.  I think you want to post your question in the Manufacturing (possibly SD?) community where there is much more knowledge on your issue.  Please go to and post your question there.

Regards, Mike

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Thanks Michael..