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Reprocessing of Failed message ID from Queue Monitor in SAP MII

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Dear Community,

I are trying to reprocess the OEE Integration messages like Order_Confirm_BAPI which are stored in Queue Monitor screen. Its possible to retry failed messages manually from Queue monitor screen by increasing retry limit against same message Id.

But I was trying to automate the reprocessing of that failed message from backend BLS transaction through scheduler job.

I am not able to perform that activity from backend to reprocess same failed message ID existing in queue.

If you have come across to handle such thing, please share your approach.

Thanks in advance.


Rudrakshma Bhowmick.

Unless the ERP system was unavailable/down (network issues or maintenance?), reprocessing generally does not have any benefits. Your queue monitor does not show the full error message, so hard to understand why reprocessing messages would have any benefit.

Regards, Mike

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I have the same requirement. Did you solve it?

Thanks and best regard