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Reports/Documents in SAP EHSM

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Hello colleagues,

I have a question. I would like to know if I can configure additional <Document type> in EHSM.  Before documenting my questions, I will use standard SAP EH&S to explain what I'm looking for.

Standard SAP EH&S - Document tab - User-defined text type

In Standard SAP EH&S, we are able to configure different "User Defined text type". 


- Police Investigation

- Dangerous goods investigation

- Safety investigation

- etc.

Using an authorization object, we are able to restrict which <User-Defined text type> the user can select to upload his document.

SAP EHSM - Reports/Documents tab

Perform these steps:

- Go to the Reports/Document tab

- Go to section called <Documents>

- Click the <Add button>

- A drop down list opens to select <Document> or <Link>

- Select <Document>

- A new window opens called <Choose File>

- In this window, we have a field called <Document type>.  I only see the value called <Other Document>.

Question no 1:

- Can we configure additional <Document types> like:

- Police Investigation

- Dangerous good Investigation

- etc.

- If yes, could you please let me know where in the IMG since I was unable to find it.

Question no 2:

- If question no1 is Yes, is there an authorization object I can use to secure the <Document type> a user can select?  I need to ensure the Safety Department won't be able to open a 'Police Investigation' document.  If there is an authorization object, could you please let me know the name of it?

Thanks for your support!



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Hello colleagues,

I found the place where to configure additional Document types for EHSM.

So my question no 1 is answered.

However, I was unable to find an authorization object to restrict the document types to certain users.

Your help is greatly appreciated.



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do you have the answer for your first question to share....I was looking for it as well.

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Hello Brenda,

I believe that the below KBA should be helpful:

2297808 - How to define new document types in EHSM

Best Regards,


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Dear Manon

for EHS calssic i can help. It is this object:SAP Authorization Object C_EHSI_DOC EHS: Document And User-Defined Text Link: Complete Data

I assuem that EHMS module us as well a "naming" convention. E.g. in EHS classic anythign is like C_EHS* and therefore using SAP options you cans earch for objects easily

By help of "ABAPer" you can debug. Any authorization check is done using ABAP statement: AUTHORITY-CHECK (e.g. refer to How to Do Authority Check | SCN)

I found these threads

Roles And Responsibilities In SAP EHSM Incident... | SCN

Access level to tabs in component extension 3.0 | SCN

If SAP uses in EHMS always teh same naming convention that if there is an object to use it will start with "EHHSS*". I was not able to find somethign by googling