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report shipping by email not received by client???

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Dear Experts,

I have been trying to ship the MSDS by email to customer. I have maintained the EMAIL as the standard communication.

When I try to ship manually or automatically, the communication INT is not triggered for the variant.

Under manual processing, the report shipping is completed with the package but we do not know what is the exit stage of the

final report( means to which customer destination and which mode). I have attached the screenshots to understand clearly.

If u  have the logical steps to determine the report shipping for automatic process, please guide appropriately as I have followed the document WWI cookbook

and report shipping guide.

Screenshot 2:

Error when redetermining reports for variant CH-MSDS EN W7. Is there a function module CVEO_RDO_BUNDLE_GENERATE.?

As i do not find that function module being maintained under user exit category EHS_CHECK

screenshot 3:

communication INT could not be determined,  why.........Is it using a function module via an user exit???

In screenshot Shiporder completed, which mode of transmission is being determined by the SAP system.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Dhinesh

may be check this as well:

Chapter: Report Shipping Status Network

Here you get a "feeling" which user exit in SDS distribution is used at which point of time.

Generally the whole chapter

"Report Shipping: Process" is important

Based on your release: with an OSS note a new functionality is available. PLease refer to chapter:

"Überwachung des Druck- und Sendestatus im Versand" (sorry: on english SAP help pages only the german text shows up; don't know why).

Chapter "Manual Report Shipping" might help as well.

Back to your screenshots:

Screenshot 1:

Please use transaction CVD1 to identify the corresponding SDS distribution; check status etc. According to the screenshot process run thorugh without error

Screenshot 2: there seems to be a customzing issue regarding the "Check" part regarding MSDS_DIST; on the top "INT" could not be confirmed (eMail addresss maintained ?)

Please use transaction CVD1 to identify the SDS distrbution data etc. as it seems to be that a SBE has been created in any case

Screenshot 3:

Error occured in "redeterming" a report. Here you neeed to understand how the system is working (only high level; it is explained to a more detailed level in the SDS distribution guide)

a.) a material should be shipped to a customer and a SDS is needed

b.) material should be shipped e.g. 01.10.2013

c.) now you can specify in customizing the "due" date for SDS shipment which is e.g. 14 days before the day at which the material should be shiped to the customer (to make sure that customer receives the SDS before he/she receives the material)

d.) now it is possible by suitable customizing to "redetermine" the report. E.g. in the case as mentioned above a sds distribution order is placed in EHS but not processed; only 14 days before delivery of material the SDS will be delivered, by customizing you can specify if a new report should be checked (e.g. in the meantime the version could have changed from 2.1 to 2.2 and the customer should always receive the recent one). PLease check correspondon customizing of "redetermination"; may be there is an error

The SDS OSS note (SDS guideline regardind SD distrbution) explains to my knowledge this customizing as well so I skipped here details

May be this will help.


Refer e.g. to

and chapter: Order Package Shipping; here you will find hints regarding "communication type)

and chapter: "Shipping Reason" might be helpful as well


and there topic "Report selection"; here the "redetermine topic" is explained

PPS: may be read this document as well:

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Dhinesh,

In your question, some of the report shipping orders shown the statuses "SENT"and "COMPLETED".

with this status, the program must trigger the emails out.

Have checked in the transaction SCOT, where you can see the emails are available in Q.

If you are not getting any positive results there, probably this could be a severe program errors.

You can find more information related to this on the SAP NOTES - 1096411, 1148408, 1023588, and also 775182.

this is not a very frequent and open issue to guess and provide you the solution. still you not able to correct the issue with the above notes, can be investigated further.