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renaming specifications (ESTRH-SUBID)

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Hi all - is there a way to rename the specification, for example if you have a bunch of specifications that start with "D" and you want to now make them start with "T" .

I am not sure if this could be done with LSMW?
A file that contains column 1 with the current SUBID and column 2 containing the new SUBID can be provided as input, if necessary.

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Hello Scott,

based on import files you cannot exchange the specification keys. But you could export and import again with a new key, then delet the old specifications. The only other solution I see is to copy the specifications to new ones which then have the new key you want and again then delete the old ones.




Hi Scott,

May I ask what is the reason for making this change?

  1. LSMW would not be the best way to maintain the property data in the specifications (you would need Data Editor / good ABAP program calling the upload BAPIs)
  2. You can copy data from existing specification BUT- if the data was created by expert rules, you might (I am not 100% sure) face issue in overwriting instances created by the expert rules later.



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Dear Scott

there is not really to add something "usefull" but some background informaitn might be needed.

During set up you define the "rule" for the "specification" number. There are companies who love to use numbers as "BENZOL" and other who might use e.g. "RAWxyz", or whatever (it is a "CHAR" field. Therefore this is allowed.

During set up of EHS you define the rule. YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER change this. On the top: The spec number is stored in database tables as "ESTDH" and many others. Therefore: do "nothing" is my proposal. Technically: if you are lucky: approach of Ralph will work

But what is this needed? if we talk aboput a "fresh new system" then it is better to delete really all and start from scratch as to try to do "something"