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Removal of Handling Unit from Inspection Lot & Inspection Lot Quantity update


Dear All,

We are testing a scenario whereby production receives the Finish product via confirmation and the material will be received into Quality stock and subject to Inspection. The finish product is HU managed and thus my inspection type in material master has been ticked for 'Inspection with HU'.

Lets say user have not performed UD and would like to reverse the goods movement posted due to accidentally performed a GR, the stock gets reversed when MBST or HUCANC performed but the HU is still can be seen in inspection lot. The HU has to be manually deleted in HU02 in order to remove it permanently.

Is this the right way of from business process perspective??

Another query would be, when the HU is deleted, the HU can no longer be seen in the inspection lot but the inspection lot quantity is not updated. It will still show the original quantity value.

Appreciate comment and assistance.



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