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Query on Conditional Output in WWI template

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HI Gurus

I am trying to create a new template. I have two set of conditions that I am not able to achieve using std WWI template options.

1. I need to use simple IF condition. I need to read some 10 symbol values and if all or any one of thesymbols contain the expected values then i need to print other symbol value. All symbols here are characteristics.

Say i have Symbol 1 to 10. I check all the symbols whether it contains 'X'. If any one contains 'X' then print the value of Symbol 11.

I tried using Condition output option in WWI template using OR condition. But if i merge more than 3 or 5 symbols it is giving some irrelevant error while checking the template. It is restricting me to 3 or sometime 5 symbols. Then i tried using multiple IF conditions to check all 10 symbols. But it exits out after the first IF.

So I just wanted to know how to use condition output in this case? If any one here have used it extensively can you please give me sample codes. Also I wanted to know if the IF condition is restricted to symbols within one Symbol group.

2. I need to use logical thinking while printing out a symbol value. All symbols here are characteristics.

I have 10 symbols to check the value. I need to print only the highest value of the any one of the symbols. How do i achieve this using WWI template setup?

Thanks in Advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Murali

SAP is now delivering a "solution package" of WWI (this temr is used sometimes in that context).

Please check:

Either by use of "

  • Filtering Value Assignment Instances

or by use of the

  • Generic Stack Function

you might suceed to find a solution. The easist solution is to "tag" the data record by use of CG02 with the correct combination of rating and validiyta area and not using quite sophisticated logic in WWI template.


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