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Pushing document update where linked as a PRT

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Hello All,

Our system has a heavy amount of customization and I am looking to determine if standard SAP allows for my question.

I create a document info record through the CV01N transaction. I set the document in a valid status and link it in a master process routing (CA02) as a document PRT. If i up version the document info record it is not relinking the document PRT to the new version. I certainly don't want the link being updated to production order but to the master makes sense for our business.

Please let me know if I can clarify in any way and thank you in advance.

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Hi Robert

As far as I know, linking documents via PRT is static. If you want an automatic update to the newest document version, you would have to proceed as described here. But this bypasses the routing which you seem to require. Perhaps you could still go this automatic route, but establish additional checks via the mentioned BAdI or user-exits