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Publish MSDS file on line via SAP DMS

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Dear experts,

Is anyone have any knowledge on publishing/make available on the web MSDS files which are stored in SAP DMS?

In case that it's not possible to have this link between internet and SAP DMS, I would like to know how can I send my document from SAP DMS to a load tool in a pdf and xml format.

Thanks for sharing your expertise,

Kind regards,


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Hello Mounir

this is the "wrong" way to do it. In DMS you have only the raw report and not the final report (in > 90% of the cases). The normal EH&S process which can be used are the following:

a.) make an EXP_CALL using a job to create a final report (e.g. either as Word or as pdf) togetehr with "meta" data (like material number, langauage etc,.) so that you can search for the document in you Web interface (the normal approach used fequently)

b.) in the past there has been a add on tpo EH&S which should be still available: take a look here

I have no idea if this add on is still suported or if it has been improved.

From the "technical " point. The MSDS is handle in some EH&S tabel (ESTDH) this give a linkt to a document in DMS using the unique document number.

Only if you have set up your report shipment in such a way that the final report is stored in DMS you are able to use that report in a Web interface. The raw report uses normaly the document type "SBR" and the final report "SBE". You need to check customizing. Normally the SBE finale report is deleted automatically somehting like 10 days after it has been used.

With best regards


PS: I assume we are talking about normal WWI report. If you have document of type "IBD" you could clearly make them available on the fly in an Web interface because no data can be added to such a document (pdf is used normally as document type/format)

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Thanks a lot for your help.

This was very helpful.

Kind regards,