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Production order confirmation DM - ERP - EWM

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We have integrated our SAP DM, ERP and EWM systems and are currently testing the production order confirmation scenario.

When confirming the SFC in DM a Production Order Yield Confirmation message is created and sent to ERP. The order confirmation is posted in ERP, no goods movement is posted at this time in ERP BUT an inbound delivery is created in ERP for this confirmation.

Further in the process when packing the SFC we get in DM the message EWM Goods Receipt created. This is sent to EWM and there the function /SCWM/MFG_RECEIVE_HUS_EXT is called which needs an expected GR in order to assign the HU. So it doesn't work with the inbound delivery created in ERP previously. Then to close the circle, once the expected GR is posted in EWM, the goods movement is also sent to ERP.

Means that we do not need the inbound delivery which is created in ERP with the Production Order Yield Confirmation. Does anyone know who to prevent the creation of this inbound delivery? Or, are we missing something regarding the integration scenario with EWM?

I am grateful for your advices!

Thank you!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you can check:

  • Logistics Execution
  • --Decentralized WMS Integration
  • -----Basic Setup of Connectivity
  • -------Configure SAP EWM-Specific Parameters

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Thank you, Daniil!

I tested this configuration and it worked.

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