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product registration

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Dear all

we have BS 2005, Looking for some functionality to monitor the registration status ( registerd, rejected, inprocess) of our products with regulatory dept of diff countries, does SAP EH&S will give us such functions.



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Hello Zeeshan

as an add on to what has still been explained:

With SAP EH&S a number of value assignments are possible (a number of properties are shipped with standard EHS) to control the process as you have asked for.

To follow on the "registration process" SAP EH&S supports you in different way: e.g. by using EHS workflows; by "blocking" imports/export etc. (using EHS SVT). With SAP EHS Management you can use more function in EHS environment depending on your needs (e.g. by using SAP GTS) o by using the "Compliance for Products" tools of SAP. With SAP Product and Reach COmpliance Suite you can control (in the sense of workflow; management ec:) your business process if necessary.

PLease take a look on SAP pages to get more informations regarding the several possibilites how to deal with such demands (use e.g. SAP GRC as a key word).


With best regards


PS: generally. SAP is now bundling solutions regarding these demands more and more.

Examples are:

The use of dasboards, craystal reports etc. will increase.

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Hi, Can you be eloborative on your requirement as SAP EHS has vast in terms of functionalities. Yes, Registration status can be tracked using Specification Managemnet, by using value assigments, this can be accomplished.