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PPM5 - Ressource planning problem

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Hi experts,

actually, I try to use PPM5 to plan the ressources of my department. I've created a project and assigned tasks with "work" (tab "Dates and Work"). A staffed project role is assigned to the tasks; the work is assigned to the ressource.

But, if i make a task confirmation (e.g. confirmed work 2 hours -> remaining work 2 hours) I still see the full 4 hours assigned to the ressource. The same, if I set the status of a task to completed -> the ressources don't get release too.

Is this the default behavior or is something missing?

Any hint is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Kind regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is standard behavior.. System will show resource allocation based on start and end date of task and work hours with assigned task. The work hours will not get reduced, since resource has confirmed some hours on task. The resource will get released from the assignment on end date of task and not on confirming all the hours. You can change the end date to release the resource.


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