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PPM to MSP Export - Resource name mapping to a custom field

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Dear Experts,

I am still new to various areas in SAP PPM and same applies to my Technical colleague.

SAP refers a note "1326709 - MS Project Integration with SAP Portf. and Proj. Management" for PPM-MSP Integration.

In note, it is mentioned that For SAP delivered mapping, conversions are provided by SAP and for any other addition, you must have custom implementation for BAdI definition DPR_MSP_CUST_FIELDS for the method CUST_CONVERT_DPR2MSPINT.

He has checked all the parameters (IS_DPRDATA, IT_MAPPING and CS_ABAPDARA) during debugging but nowhere the resource name is getting stored.

Kindly suggest how exactly to include or map resource name to get flown from PPM to MSP.

Kindly suggest.

Best regards,

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