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PPM - Exporting and Importing Resource Assignment from/to MSP - HELP!!!!!

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Hi Experts,

I am trying to meet some of business' requirement.

The requirement is to exporting and importing resources and resources’ assignments from/to PPM-MSP.

There, I found some strange behaviour.

Scenario 1:

When I imported two resources from MSP to PPM, the system imported only one at a time. One resource in first import run and another resource in second import run.

I referred latest PPM-MSP integration note 1326709 also.

There, it is mentioned in page 7 that "Please note that every role will contain at most one resource attached to it at the end of Project Import."

Does that mean a user need to run import as many times as number of employees assigned to a resource??

Scenario 2:

When I exported two employees (assigned to a same role) from PPM to MSP, the system export only one resource.

Is that correct behaviour? Why and how to deal with that?

Scenario 3:

In a Gantt chart view in MSP, a Project manager can see only Role name i.e. Associate Engineer but cannot see relevant employees assigned to it.

There can be multiple employees assigned to a same role.

A user unintentionally here may assign same employee to two different tasks due to same role.

Scenario 4:

Continuing to scenario 3, here the user is trying to assign both the employees to a same task but the system is not allowing as resource name (Associate Engineer) is same.

Is this the correct behaviour? If yes, please let me understand the behaviour in detail.

Please check attached document quickly for a better understanding and just advice me if those are correct behavior or are there any guidelines?

Best regards,







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Dear Sandeep,

Concerning scenario 1 and 2:

You can find the corresponding information in the attached note 1326709 "MS * Integration with SAP Portf. and Proj. Management" - item 1.3.14 Resource Assignments to Project Roles:

You must maintain "Code" field for resource with Employee ID in Resource Sheet of MS * in order to import them as Resources in Project Management Project.

The Employee ID should have a corresponding Business Partner in Portfolio Management or Project Management. The "Employee" attached to the resource is transferred as a "Resource" attached to the Project Role in Project Management. Please note that every role will contain at most one resource attached to it at the end of Project Import.

When the Resource assignment to the Project Roles are lost or deleted after uploading the Project file to Project Management - then check, if the Resource assigned to the Project role has Employee Number (Personnel Number) assigned to it. You can find the Personnel Number of the resource in Transaction BP. You may to go to 'Identification' tab in BP Role 'BUP003' (Employee).

Concerning Scenario 3 and 4: The issues belong to MS Project - not PPM.

Best regards,


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Thanks Judith for your support.

But, I have checked all those things and tested in the same way as per note 1326709.

Those code/Employee ID (175 and 260) have a corresponding Business Partner in PPM Project Management.

Scenario 1:

In fact, those resources/employees are getting imported correctly in PPM but one by one (2 times import execution), not at one shot. That is the challenge.

Scenarios 2:

There are 3 employees (One assigned to role PMO and other two assigned to Associate Engineer) but only 2 resource/employee (one PMO resource and one Associate Engineer resource) are getting exported from PPM to MSP whenever run the export.

That is the challenge.

Kindly review the attached documents once please.

Also, would you please explain in detail "Please note that every role will contain at most one resource attached to it at the end of Project Import."????

Scenarios 3:

I can understand, the issue related to assign same Employee/Resource to two different tasks is an issue of MSP. I will check with business.

Scenario 4:

Those scenarios are result of PPM integration with MSP. Because, the project roles from PPM appears as Resource name in MSP. So, the more than one resource (Employees) also appears with same role "Associate Engineer" in Gantt chart view in MSP. There, the user can be confused.

Best regards,