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PPM - Corresponding WBS elements against Tasks from PPM to PS


Hi Experts,

I tried on SDN but could not find the exact solution for the said query.

There is a requirement from my client to create corresponding WBS elements automatically in PS against tasks in PPM-Project.

I found below thread but my technical colleague commented that this is not useful.

We have used BADI 'RPM_OBJECT_SERVICES' for influencing the Item ID same as PS project ID. Thus, the system is creating an automatic PPM project and PS project with the same number automatically.

But, as we know system creates only Project definition and L1 WBS only using Accounting integration functionality in PPM. By this, our client's requirement does not meet. They want a same project structure (at least WBS elements) must be created in PS also.

Note: We are using only 1 phase in PPM-project.

Do we need to influence the ID for all the PPM-project elements as same as used in PS??

Besides that, different task types can be configured to differentiate levels of WBS elements.

Kindly suggest.

Best regards,

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Answers (2)

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Hi Sandeep,

PPM has the functionality of replicating tasks as WBS in PS through accounting integration. This can be achieved by increasing the controlling level to the level which you need to replicate. You should be able to do this in 'Define controlling Scenario' under ERP/S/4HANA accounting integration settings.


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Thanks Ravi.

But, it does not work when the task coding mask in PPM and WBS coding mask in PS are different.

We used a BADI to achieve that but stuck in automatic account assignment of PPM elements to PS elements (WBS elements).

For that, I raised another incident. Please help.

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Dear Sandeep,

As described in the online documentation ( there exists role-based or task-based controlling. This means - based on the roles - the wbs-elements are created or based on the tasks - the wbs-elements are created - when the account assignment object is a PS-project.

Best regards,