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Portal workflow for EHSM Incident Management.

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Experts can you please help define steps or checks to be
performed to set up the portal workflow for EHSM Incident Management.


I did the following:


  1. The configuration is done tasks assigned
  2. I created a User concept and assigned roles and
  3. Roles were assigned to the test users and linked
    with people in the Org structure.

I then created Incidents with the Reporter/Initiator role and expect it to send a
workflow to the Incident Investigator in the portal but this did not happen.


How can I check what happens in the backend to see if the workflow was send off


One other thing I noticed is that the portal role Reporter/Initiator used to create
the Incident locked access to for Incident Investigator.


I am not sure why this happen and need some guidens on what to check.


I used SWI2_FREQ - Work Items per Task to check
and did see workflow kicked off for EH&S but it went into error.

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Answers (4)

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Hi Fanie,

You mean the incident manager is not getting work item. It is the problem with the standard class CL_EHHSS_PCO_INC_LC, method GENERATE_INITIAL_REPORT, this method is used to send the workitems to the IM.

The standard class is not working properly. Hope it will solve your issue.

Please close the thread if you solved this issue and share the solution too.

Thanks .



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if you do not have adobe document services setup correctly you will not be able to generate the initial incident report.  This can stop the triggering of the workflow.

You can disable the generation of the adobe form in the img - see "Disable initial report generation".

To check your adobe document services setup see note 944221 to check setup.



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Hi Fanie

Do you Resolved the Issue? if yes please share the procedure


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Hi Fanie,

Have you activated the Type Linkage between the event creator and event receiver?

You have to activate for all the workflow templates that you currently using.  Type Linkage can be activated through SWETYPV transaction code.

Let us know if this is working, if not please send us the screenshot of error message.



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Hi Fanie,

The EHSM incident management system is completely defined with standard workflow system tasks. Perhaps, you don’t need to check anything on workflow/task level if you did perform the activation.

It seems that, you haven’t configured few things which would get triggered off the workflow in Incident Management.

  1. Did you set up User role Incident Manager with email id
  2. Did you configured Inbound / outbound email setup

Are you working on EHSM 2.0 or 3.0? And which Incident category (Near miss or Report incident) that you have selected as you said above since all this process works along with online / offline processing in portal.