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Plant Information Catalog Web Service - Search by Property Value

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Hello ..

I am trying to use Catalog Administration/Maintenance and Browse Plant Information Catalog WSDLs to obtain the catalog details for a given property value.

While i pass the property name, i get the result set which consists of the given property name. Example: When the property name is assigned in the webservice action block, it works. Web_Service_0.SearchTagsRequest{/ns1:SearchTagsRequest/filter/propertyNames} assign "Location" (Location is one of the property names). However, if I want to get the objects with a particular Location, the assignment didnt work. This doesnt work "Location=NY".

From MII help page // You can search for Property Name based on property value using the syntax Property Name=<Property Value>. You can also use wild cards to search in the fields Property Name and Property Value.//

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Answers (4)

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Thanks for the reply Neha .. I am searching for a filter with Property Value. Yes properyNames is working fine for me as well, when I pass only the name of the property, not the value as defined in the help.

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Hi Ajay ,

Did you check if you are searching for a value for with PropertyNames or it should be PropertySetNames?

Example if in Property Set tab ,you have created new Property Set - Location and to that you add a propert- NewYork then you should be searching with :


Assign this value - Location

Now if you want to search all tags with property - NewYork the filter would be


Assign this then the value "NewYork"

This is working absolutely fine for me .



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Appreciate your thoughts Abhijeet.

Since the number of PICs are high and the frequency of the calls are high as well, would like to use the property value filter as defined in the help. I am missing on how to pass the property value as an input to the webservice call.

Now on MII 15.1 SP3 Patch 0.

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As a workaround you can get the data first by passing the Property Name as LOCATION in


and then applying the xPath on the webservice response to get your desired output.