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Phases are not coming while creating project through PPM

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I want portfolio specific template and decision points to be displayed while creating new project in PPM. I have created Ztables with respect to /RPM/CPIT_MAP and /RPM/CPDP_MAP tables which includes portfolio field in it. Now while new project saved, I see only decision points as start up, closure ect. I do not see phases as definition ,realization, planning,completion. from where to get these phases? How the mapping is done for phases and decision points?

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Answers (1)

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  • Map item types to project types or project templates
    If you have selected a particular mapping between item type and project template, you can also map decision points of an item type to phases of a project template.
    You can map more than one project templates to one item type. When you create a portfolio item, the system displays all the mapped templates in a selection view. When you select a specific project template, the system creates a project out of the template chosen. If you do not select a template, the system creates a project with the project type that is mapped to item type.
    Note: You cannot map more than one project type to one item type.