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PCo Socket Agent - MII Destination Connectivity Problem

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Hi Experts,

I added MII destination system in PCo and connection test is successful. But when i select it in Destinations tab of agent notification i am receiving "Connectivity Framework Error - Root element is missing" error and it is not showing MII content.

Did anyone face this issue before or any idea why it happens?

MII Destination


Socket Agent



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Hi Berkin,

Ive not come across this issue before.

When you use the connection test during the destination creation it checks that the IP address, are correct by essentially pinging the server (if I remember correctly!). This passed in your case so the IP address is good but the port may be blocked. You can try and see if the port on the MII server is open using telnet (telnet 50000) .

Another possability is when you come to configure the mapping to the destination in your agent instance it communicates with MII and asks for a list of the folders and transactions that you have access to, the format of the response changes between some version numbers hence why PCo asks for the version number. Your screenshot shows version 12.2 is configured, are you sure this is the correct MII version you are trying to connect to?

If the version number is correct you might have to try sniffing the traffic using something like wireshark to see what is going on.


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Hi berkincavusoglu,

Did you get the solution? I am also facing the same Issue.

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I need a Help,

when i try to create a draft notification and publish the notification to SAP PCo in notification management. i have this error. So, what i need do to solve this problem,??