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Parameter Mapping in LPD_CUST for PPM roles

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We are on PPM6.1.

We have integration Item-PS and the problem described in the link

The topic-starter wrote that he inserts a Fixed value Z/003-633 and it works for us but we need a dynamic value from Item.
Is it possible to transfer Source Parametr instead of a Fixed value? Which is the principle of transferring a field from a Web dynpro PPM to ABAP ERP?
I'm trying to transfer Source Parametr from Item structures/tables and from a web dynpro application but I get an empty Project definition field (transfer from: /RPM/ITEM_D-EXTERNAL_ID, INM_S_PPM_ITEM_DEF_DETAIL-EXTERNAL_ID, /RPM/TS_ITEM_D_UI-EXTERNAL_ID, rpm_item_details-OBJECT_ID, EXTERNAL_ID, OBJECT_ID, ID).

After clicking the Project PS button from the Project menu on the Item screen, opens web transaction OLR3_CJ20N and I see the Item ID in the URL but how to take it and insert to the transaction screen field with standart? And by the way, the host in the URL is PPM-server, although system for OLR3_CJ20N transaction is ERP - is that correct? Could this be the reason that the dummy URL for the standard system settings in LPD_CUST doesn't work for INM_UI_NAV/PS_PROJECT? With standard settings (dummy URL) I get an error

Please advise.

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Answers (2)

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Hello Georgii,

did you solve it?


Best Regards


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Is it possible to open a PS-project for editing from the PPM-Item without a selection screen with standart settings?