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OEE Start Order (Material x is invalid)

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I am trying to start order order on but it says 'Material x is invalid'.

I sent material to the MII system. I thought maybe zero is the reason.

Did someone take the same error ?

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Are you dealing with multiple plant and material combinations? What is the status of the material in the OEE tables?

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I have one plant and I don't know to look OEE tables. I am looking a way to see them.

Active Participant
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Is there any check on the start and ending of an order against the material? Looks like your plan start date is already passed to start the order. and MATMAS is already passed in the Queue monitor so it should be in the OEE tables as well. you can look into MPM_MATMAS_HDR table for material availability in OEE.

Ankit Gupta

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Hi Ankit,


I found my material and it dosen't start with zero.

Also there is no '-'. Do you know ? how can I transport material with zero and all characters ?








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Thanks for your help.

I found the solution. The reason is '-' character. I add this character to matnr in the MATMAS tables and order could find the material.