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Hi Friends,

I have completed all the OEE related tasks (OEE Integration Configuration, OEE Configuration) successfully. But still I am not able to see the OEE specific schedulers at MII. When I look ERP- Shop floor Integration for Worker UI-> Supported Pants I can see the plants are added. Can anyone let me know why OEE specific schedulers are not being created.


SAP MII 15.4 SP0

OEE_MII 15.4

Please note I have followed the solutions from the trouble shooting document already. But no luck 😞

A. Check if RFC created is able to connect to MII destination system. To do this go to transaction SM59 select the RFC, Click on Connection test. Check if Connection Successful, if not check in MII system if message listener is active, if it is not active move to Step 6.1 If Message Listener is active and RFC is failing, check the RFC parameters, verify ERP system details and Ports mentioned in RFC connection parameters are correct and check if UNICODE flag is set to true.

B. Go to transaction SM58, for the current date, check if there are any error entries present here, if yes diagnose them with help of ERP Consultant

C. If Message Listeners are in inactive status or in failed state move to Step 6.1.

D. RFC is sending IDocs to some other system, it is possible that due to some incorrect configuration, IDCOS may be getting redirected to some other MII system, to verify if you are using correct RFC do following:

a. Go to MII Menu Page

b. Expand Message services

c. Go to Message Listeners, select the Message Listeners which is configured, and Check the Program ID here.

d. Now go to ECC, from transaction SM59 Check the RFC details, verify it has same Program ID. If not make changes and do a connection tests.


Shaji Chandran

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Answers (2)

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Hi Saji,

Hope you are doing good!

Recently I had come across this OEE configuration set up from MII nwa end.

If we run the OEE Integration Configuration wizard successfully, then by default we will get standard predefined OEE specific scheduled jobs under system management.

This set up comes to step no 23 while configuring OEE integration wizard.

Kindly find the attachment.

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Hi Shaji,

I do not have an OEE MII configured system to check, but I can say that your troubleshooting steps are for verifying that the Message Listener configuration are correct. That does not check why there are no scheduler jobs. The OEEINT_CTC wizard should have created five predefined scheduled jobs. Check to see if these exist in the MII Portal under System Management/Schedulers. If the jobs are missing, then some portion of your installation was not completed. If they exist, make sure they are enabled. You might also have to check the JRA configuration in NW to make sure the services are active to support the Message Listeners in MII.

Regards, Mike