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NWDI - Import activity to prod (bugfix) with other activities (developments) waiting for approval

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Hi SAP community!

We have NWDI set up as DEV-CONS-TEST-PROD and we have a project in MII with some logic. Lets say something like this:



  • TRX_1
  • TRX_2
  • SQL_1
  • TRX_A
  • XAC_A
  • SQL_A

We are in a situation that there are some activities waiting for approval in NWDI "Approval" tab. They were imported to CONS, ASSEMBLED and imported to TEST environment, obviously. These are being tested now (longer term running test).

However, there is need for one small quick change that is needed (let's say in SQL_1 from the structure above). I create the activity for it, move it CONS, assemble it, import to TEST and now it is another activity in "APPROVAL". If I approve only this activity and leave the others (older ones from time perspective, but with new development) and import it to PROD, will only that one specific change be imported, only SQL_1 will be updated? The SQL_1 is not touched by any other activity, just the new one.

I don't want the previous development to be imported to PROD as it is being tested right now, but I would need to import that one specific change ASAP.

Thanks of answering.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For people that are searching for the same, I think I got my answer by testing.

in NWDI, anything that is imported up to the point of ASSEMBLY is added activity based. So any change send is applied to the respective sources and no others are touched.

After you do the assembly, the current state is assembled and whole SC is moved together. So long story short - it is not possible to apply simple bugfix if there is other development waiting to be imported to PROD. All the activities created beforehand are already included in the last assembled version.

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Hello Filip, I am having the issue where assembly is getting failed and i found the following error can you please share some information how this can be solved.

I have checked for the documentation on community but most of the links community members shared are broken and not working.

20221228141416 Info :5DTR conflicts

20221228141416 Fatal :There are unresolved collisions, stopping export now

20221228141416 Info :Checks for software component

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