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Number of individual capacities does not affect production order scheduling

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Dear gurus,

lets imagine this scenario:

I have workplan with only one operation with no machine or setup time, only labour time 40,5hours / 1000pcs.

The workcenter for this operation is set to start from 6:00-6:00 with 0:00 break and 100 utilization. With

Number of individual capacities 1 the capacity is 24h and when I schedule the production order for 14.000pcs from today (20.2.2020) it needs 578,3h (~25 days) and schedules the order from 20.2.2020 to 25.3.2020 (~25 days)

However, to my question… if I set Number of individual capacities to 3, so basicaly Im telling the order that only one operator will work on 14000pcs, but 3 operators in total! meaning all work will be 3 times faster, and when also 578,3hours will be used (however 192,8h on each operator). So when I create new production order, it should schedule the date of finish basicaly 3 times faster (~8,3 days), right? so I guess the dates should be from 20.2.2020 to 28.2.2020 (lets keep the theory not skipping weekends).

However this isnt happening... when I set the Number of individual capacities from 1 to even 99, it doesnt affect the production order scheduling… how so?

Am I missing something? like the formula for workcenter scheduling?

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Hello Jiri,

I would like to clarify whether you are asking about EAM Work Orders or Production Orders? Your question is tagged with SAP EAM Work Order. If your question relates to Production Order scheduling, you may have more community support if it were tagged with MAN Production Planning.


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