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Not display RH model in SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Manufacturing Planner(Scenario EBOM to MBOM)

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Customer plan to use VEMP to transfer EBOM to MBOM,also need display RH file in it.

we just configure VEMP/VEG and test it.

First we test the scenario BOD to MBOM,the related RH file display in VEMP.

Second we test the scenario EBOM to MBOM,the related RH file not display in VEMP,but show the below message.

VMP_MSG 163 No visuals found for the product structure.

so my question is how to check the root cause for it:

a. Customer's PLM version is ECC EHP7 SP16.

b. we just check the related customizing ,like Define Search Sequence for Viewable File.

c. the strange thing that RH file can display in scenario BOD to MBOM,but not display in scenario EBOM to MBOM.

Any suggestion welcome!

Peter Li.

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Hello Xinju,

could you tell me if you solved the issue?
If yes, how?

Thank you.

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