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NonConformanceCode as "reason for variance" in Production Order Confirmation workflow


Dear SAP community,

we are currently running DMC v2202 and I would like to config the Production Order Confirmation workflow in a way that the selected NonConformance Code of the SFC in DMC is interfaced to SAP ECC as "reason for variance" in "Production Order Scrap Confirmation" message.

The standard XSLT configuration is the following:

<xsl:value-of select="VarianceReasonCode" />

Obviously the current standard entry in ProdnOrdConf2_CREATE_ENTRY does not have requested outcome.

The desired entry in this section of the Production Order Scrap Confirmation would be the NonConformance Code added for the corresponding SFC.

Can anyone help with this request or give hints, information or links?

Thanks in advance,

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In DMC 2205 release it is now possible to enter a "Reason Code For Scrap" (refer to What's New Viewer).

However, this solution is based on "OEE Reson Codes" and not on "Nonconformance Codes" and could only be deployed when using the Order POD (whereas we are mainly working with the WorkCenter POD).

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