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Non relevent chagnes in SDS weekly report in EHS

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How to include non- relevent changes in weekly report in EHS??

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Hi chandra,

Let me add to the friends already said,

The SAP system supports the import and export of specification data in productive systems. Standard interfaces simplify the transfer of data from existing applications or external systems. EH&S runs data consistency checks. When exporting specifications, you can convert phrases in the active phrase library to phrases for the export library. Similarly, when importing specifications, you can convert phrases in the import library to phrases for the active phrase library. The SAP system determines all report bodies that refer to the changed specifications. Reports are checked to determine if the changes made to the specification data is relevant to them. Only these reports enter the worklist as newly generated reports.

Activate relevance indicator, which specifies whether a change is relevant to an existing identifier or value assignment for the rating and validity area for any given report. The relevant indicator specifies in the usage the identifiers and value assignments that had relevant changes made to SDS. If u specify in the generation variant that the relevant changes against previously generated reports are marked on newly generated reports, then the relevance indicator also influences the version numbering of a subsequently generated report.

For a specification reference or inheritance relationship, Relevant indicator may be used to control whether the reference specifications and inheritance relationships are switched or inserted the values that the system outputs on the report because of this relationship are considered to be relevant changes and are marked as such.

try with the following helpful link from SAP -


hope helpful,



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Hi Chandra

Can you elaborate your question please. It is not much clear.



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Hi, Vikram.,the above question is related to Change Request in SDS.

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Hello Chandra

your topic is still not clear.

Any "change" in data is a "not relevant" change. Normally the user must check the relevancy indicagtor than its is a relevant change; if you have done a set up of EH&S using the automatic regeneration of reports such a relevant change should give rise to a newly generated report (it seems to be that you are using the corresponding job scheduled once a week).

Changes which are not relevant are not supported by this process (therfore no new report is generated automatically).

The user can normally create any time a report. If some data is "relevanT" (which will belater part of the report) in most chases you will get a "change mark" and the system propose a "relevant change" Depending on your EH&S Setp normally the "last status" in the status net is "fisihsed (i believe) and then the user must release (depending on set up of your generation variant)

With best regards