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New in EHS

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I am SAP QM Consultant and EHS is new for me....

Can anybody send some doc.s that will help me in EHS implementation.

I am already referring SAP help.

Thanks in advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please check this post [post|;

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Hello Yogini,

first of all you should get an overview about EH&S functionality and how EH&S is integrated in SAP.

Here you will find the EH&S docu:

If you do an inquiry in Internet or on SAP pages etc. it is worth to use the search term "SAP EHS MANAGEMENT" to get the big picture regarding the EH&S integration and which processes are supported etc.

Further on you will find a number of similar questions in this FORUM with more than only the answers as cited (Thanks to Juan).

Use terms like "newbi" etc. as search criteria.

May be of interest for you as SAP QM consultant: There is an interface between EH&S and QM.

With best regards


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Thanks Juan and Christoph Bergemann fo ur answers......

it's good to know that there is interface between EH&S and QM.

As I am very new to this module, i don't want to get messed up with all big EH&S Concept.

Please let me know how to start with...

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hello Yogini

your last topic of your message is:

"let me know how to start with..."

I wil ltry to give you some more advice here.

EHS is part of Core ERP (ECC) application. Now a "good" approach might be to check this:

a.) which release you are using (SAP Enterprise, SAP ERP 2004 (= ECC 5.0) or SAP 2005 (= ECC 6.0) ?) because this influences a little bit the basic set up approach of EH&S

b.) check if EH&S is activated? => EH&S is an "add on" in ECC and you must "activate" it by using transaction SWF5

b.) Then depending on your SAP release (ECC 6.0 mandatory) => you can check if there is an Enhancement. Pack available in youur system or not. If so by using SWF5 you can activate the appropriate EH&S "switches". In Enh. Pack 3, 5 and 6 new EH&S functionality is delivered which can be used only if the corresponding switch is activated.

In any case: if according to a.) EH&S is "activated" you should find EH&S in transaction S000 (sub node Logistics). To use EH&S properly a number of steps are required. With SAP ECC shipment you have a "basic" set up of EH&S after you have activated EH&S properly and performed the further activation tasks (mainly => client 000 activities to your productive client)

Then you should check the EH&S Customizing. You will find there some nodes. As mentioned SAP EH&S consits of a number of submodules. At least you must/should do something in the area of "EH&S Basic" set up. In this steps you define e.g.

a..) number ranges of important EH&S objekts (like specification keys, phrase keys etc.)

b.) then you should check specification types/identifers etc. in customizing

c.) you should "create "ideas" regarding phrase management etc.

d.) if necessary you must perform DMS customizing

After this "basic" set up you can think about the use of the whole EH&S bundle (DG, HSM Management etc.)

The best practises cited in this thread helps you in identiyfing the necessary activation/customizing steps.

The EH&S <=> QM interface can only be used if you have done the principle EH&S Set up.

With best regards


PS: At least follow the Best practise:

851: EH&S Product Safety


935: Chemicals: EH&S Product safety

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thanks Christoph Bergemann,

Iwill be back with more questions

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