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New calendars in cProjects

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I created a new calendar to use in cProjects. When I try to use this new calendar in a large project, the scheduling activity is timing out. The US calendar for the same project works fine. Is there another step I need to do in order to have my new calendar be used with scheduling without timing out?? Or is it more likely that I need to look at my calendar configuration and fix something?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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check the Calendar

Nothing from cPro front...

You can check the validity of Calendar Vs cProjects Project dates

If it falls beyond it might give error or timeout

Also check if you have maintained too many holidays and all it might take more time

You can check by increasing Timeout with Basis help


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Thanks, Niranjan.

You are right. It was just that the project had dates outside of the range. It seems like if the dates fall before the start of your calendar range, it times out, and if the dates falls after the end of your range, you get an error message. Maybe this isn't always the case.

The timeout made think I had a performance issue possibly.

Thanks for your help!

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