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Netweaver permission for PAPA call scrapSFC

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I am using SAP ME version I have a technical for an external application that should be able to scrap SFCs via the PAPA service scrapSFC. But it is not working and I get the following error message:

User: XYZ has not permission: vpName: default, type: topic, action: produce, destination: SFCScrapped

so I think it is clear, the technical user has not the permission. When I give the user the role "Administrator" (UME Database), it is working. So there must be one (or more) actions assigned to the role Administrator that allow to scrap SFCs via PAPI service.

I had a look at the actions assigned to role Administrator, but there are so much (what was expected) but the naming is not meaningful so it is not clear to me which action (s) allow to scrap SFCs via web service scrapSFC.

I want to create a new role named "MES_SCRAP" and assign all the actions that allow to scrap SFCs via web service. But I do not know which actions I have to assign. Does someone know which actions I need to assign to allow scrap SFCs via web service scrapSFC?

Thanks for answers

Hanno Keidel

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Hello Hanno,

Please, check the SAP_ME_INTEGRATOR role.

Br, Alex.