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MSDS output XML

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Hello All,

Is it possible with standard SAP ín Report shipping to send an MSDS as an XML file?

I have seen that the output format can be set as XML, however is still get a PS file.

Any suggestions?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Peter,

yes basically you can.

Just layout the WWI report template having all the XML tags in it.

have the WWI Server save it as TXT.

If you need UTF-8, you can use the PrintUserExit in WWI.INI and define XML as output type and use a macro that saves the file as UTF-8.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Peter,

The only medium of output is RTF, PCL,PS and PRN format.

It is not possible to convert to an XML file.

Set Up Save Format for Output Format ANY

If you use the source document format ANY in Customizing activity specify commu-nication, you can define in the WWI.INI file the respective Microsoft Word file format in which you want the document saved as follows:


DocTypeAny=n n corresponds to the internal value of the FileFormat parameter of the Word macro command ActiveDocument.SaveAs.:

0 = wdFormatDocument

4 = wdFormatDOSText

5 = wdFormatDOSTextLineBreaks

6 = wdFormatRTF

1 = wdFormatTemplate

2 = wdFormatText

3 = wdFormatTextLineBreaks

7 = wdFormatUnicodeText

8 = wdFormatHTML (Word XP)

9 = wdFormatWebArchive (Word XP)

10 = wdFormatFilteredHTML (Word XP)

In addition to these values, other unique numbers are possible that specify an external file conversion program. For more information, see the online help for Microsoft Word Visual Basic.



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Dear Peter

XML is used e.g. for data exchange within industry. SAP does support XML exchange in many places (e.g. SAP XI/PI etc.)). WWI is not the tool to support XML. Furtheron: there is no global XML schemata standard regarding Safety Data Sheet (Material Safety Data Sheet) available and therefore XML is not used to exchange SDS within industry. But this feature is asked for very often.

Coming back to SAP EH&S standard:

In theory you can do something here (to create report without WWI).

If you take a look here:

and read cross explanation of SAP regarding Business Function OPS_EHS_CI_1 (available with Enhancement Package 3), SAP states this:

"The Business Add-In BADI_ESS_REPORT_GEN enables you to use an individual implementation to generate, display, and print reports without using WWI. "

Therefore in theory you can try to get "XML" using this Business Add-In; but it does not make sense as there is no global XML schemata. You will find local ones; but no global one.

Up to now I have never come into contact with a company using SAP EH&S which have implemented the Business Add-on. And there is a "small but": the term "print" in the explanation is not "precise" as e.g. it is not giving "hint" that you could e.g. generate an eMail. Within SAP EH&S standard you can do so ; furthermore there is no "clear" indication, that you could prepare a report distribution as with classic WWI.


PS: may be refer to:$TDAG$ESS_REPORT_GEN

(there should be an english version as well; refer to OSS note 1283904)

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HI Peter,

I think, it's not possible. I never tried it.

In Standard SAP database only dealt with the PS or PCL file.

and for Inbound documents, only PDF files will be accepted.

WWI reports templates opens in word file format (.doc). and the data can be transferred in .dat file format.

There is no such special function to convert the final report into XML

If I come across any of such things, will get back to you.

find the link below -