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MSDS Issue

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Hi all,

I have a issue related to MSDS,I am created the MSDS from template,and trying to display the report,

the section 14 of MSDS which is related to transport is not displayed,even though the material is marked as DG.please provide me the solution.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Uday

chapter 14 of MSDS is a little bit complex. Please check may be this:

Shortly: in MSDS you will not get the "full" DG view as in DG master. The data in MSDS is not collected using the DG master but directly the specification data base; normally the data regarding e.g. ADR, IATA etc. is collected and printed in MSDS; the normal data model to handle DG is used (REAL_SUB <=> DG_CL_SUB <=> LS_UN_SUB together with a "Hazard inducer").

Be aware of the fact that you need "tricks" to handle the compexity of DG in MSDS using other properties etc. Furtheron you need "Tricks" to print e.g. "Not regulated by ADR" etc. based onDG data model concept.

I assume that any data record in your example is active and that usage of data record is fitting to usage as defined in generation variant.


PS: as long as the material is linked to the REAL_SUB you will get a chapter 14 filled; the generation and content of MSDS in chapter 14 is REAL_SUB driven only; anything on the top need to be done by your own; there is no link to the dangerous goods profile (GPP etc.) in displaying the data;

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