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MSDS Basic steps to create Material safety data sheet

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Dear Friends ,

currently i am exploring how to create and Maintain MSDS in SAP

what are the basic steps to do that , and where those MSDS is integrated to other module

please give some overview , let me start from there

Thanks & Regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Friends,

whats the difference between Real substance and substance

and what is Pharse ? and where it is used

Thanks & Regards


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first question: what is the difference between a "real substance" and a "substance"

Answer: some years ago SAP provided new terms in EH&S to support better the needs of the companies in using EH&S

One new term is "specification type" and the other is "Specification category".

The term "Substance" blongs to the term "Specification category" and the term "Real substance" belongs to the term "Specification type".

Therefore the "REal substance" is a value which can be used in maintaining some data in EH&S. Further values are (by standard): LIST_SUB , PURE_SUB etc.. You can think of a specification type like a material type. Therefore these values can be used to narrow inquiries in EH&S and most of the "types" should have a special meaning (and they are mandatory in entering data). Take a look here:

The specification category is a more "general term" which can be used to group specification types

second question:

EH&S is using the classifcation and characteristic system of SAP and linking this to a new term called "property" or "Value assignment". The characteristics are used to maintain data in EH&S. On "type" is to used phrases which are "standard textst" which need to be translated (in most cases up to 27 languages and more) to print then later the corresponding data on documents like MSDS , labels etc.

One example of a phrase can be".

"Keep away from children" or "In case of fire please call the emergency number as indicated on this document" etc.

Phrases are a "core" component in EH&S and are used heavily in EH& product safety, dangrous goods etc. and many other places to maintain data. In EH&S phrases can be grouped using phrases groups etc.; they are linked to a phrase set which is linked to a characteristic. This phrase set then contains any value which can be used to populate the characteristic with some data,

Hope that helps a little bit.


PS: Refer to online help to get further "ideas" regarding the used and type of phrases

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HI Raju,

For Your question "the difference between Real substance and substance"?

In EHS terminology we consider each material as a substance.

In SAP EHS, Specification management is categorized into 5 types.




Waste code

Dangerous goods classification

In substance (1 of the above 5), once again defined as different specification types like:

Real Substance

Listed Substance, etc.,

Real Substance: A real substance is one that physically exists in a company

For ex: If you take a pharmaceutical industry.

For making the Anacin Tablet (Substance), We need substances like ASperine, caffeine, etc.,

These 2 will be called as 2 real substances (physically existing in the company).

These 2 real substances can be used in some other substance (Material) preparations.

Listed Substance: substance whose properties are described in laws and scientific literature.

listed substances are not manufactured, traded, or procured.

For Second Question: what is Pharse ? and where it is used?

Phrase is a Standardized text that can be used in EH&S reports like MSDS & Trem cards, etc.,


Now I come to your main question " Basic steps of MSDS Creation"

MSDS is a form with data regarding the properties of a particular substance.

We use SAP EH&S, "Product safety" module to maintain the MSDS.

It is one of the legal requirement to maintain the Information about the chemicals, which are using in the industry.

There is a standard format with 16 steps using globally For MSDS.

1. Product and Supplier Identification.

2. Composition

3. Hazards Identification

4. First Aid measures

5. Fire fighting measures

6. Accidental measures

7. Handling storage

8. Exposure controls

9. Physical and chemical Properties

10.Stability & Reactivity

11.Toxicological Information

12.Ecological Information

13.Disposal consideration

14.Transport Information

15.Regulatory Information

16.Other Information

We need to maintain appropriate data in our database, to retrieve the report as mentioned above.


Main integration with MM (material Management) Module, by assigning the material with substance.

Second Integration with SD module, if customer requirement is to extract the MSDS for each delivery.

(Not necessary for MSDS reporting)



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Dear ,

It was a great answer , sorry for late to reply

Many thanks


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Dear EHS Consultants,

I would like to seek your help on how MSDS is configured in SAP. Right now, i am working on a project for a client and one of our tasks is to send MSDS whenever we have created a new customer account. This is my first time to use EHS module and maybe somebody from you could guide me especially in the configuration. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Kind regards,


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Dear Mark,

Before sending MSDS to the customer, you must have done the data setup in system.

SAP EH&S, is not like other sap modules, where we can configure some thing and continue working.

you have lot of activities to be done in front end other than config part.

for ex-

1. define the correct Data model

2. Specification data setup and material assignments

3. wwi templates

4. wwi setup

5. phrase management,

6. Generation variants, etc.,

You can google for below document, which explains the best practices related to config.


Please use new threads for your new queries.



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Hello Rajkumar

in addition to what has been explained yet:

The main purpose of EH&S is to support chemical and other companies in doing their work in SAP regarding legislation issues. To populate the Real Substance as mentioned in the other thread you need to prepare in addition

1.) phrases and translations of standard texts

2.) identifiers (like a CAS number, EG number etc.)

3.) you need at least to prepare the sub module EH&S DG to generate a chapter 14 in MSDS

4.) If you like to distribute the MSDS as explained in the other thread a whole stuff of further acitivties are required so that EH&S can do the job (there are a lot of threads in this FORUM regarding these issues)

5.) furthermore to populate the MSDS you need in most cases primary and secondary data (this is the standard term used in EH&S). Primary data is e.g. a flash point etc. Secondary data can be derived by using the primary data. Therefore a number of companies providing to you products and services in helping to you to populate the MSDS with data

6.) In most cases you need data from legislation point of view. Here data provider are existing there you can profit from and EH&S is providing you a number of interface to do an upload of this data

Therefore if you do a small inquiry in this Forum you will find threads there companies tend to use different options in handling the MSDS topic. You will find e.g. solutions there the MSDS is generated in Word and then inbounded into DMS and linked only to the material in question so that EH&S is not used at all as a module.

Recommended is the use of EH&S because you can profit from all sub modules inj EH&S on a long term prespective (e.g. label management, Substance volume tracking etc.)

With best regards


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Hello Raj,

To generate any report in SAP EHS you need to set up a lot of other things..

1. You need to have the specification master ( REAL SUBSTANCES for which you are going to generate the MSDS) created with necessary value assignments.

2. You need to have a report template for the MSDS ..This needs some expertise as you have create the layout with different types of Symbols inserted in the template( Specification symbols,parameter symbols,phrases) and if needed you have to you the different functions of template design like character sizing,blank compression etc.

3.You need to have a generation variant created for the MSDS and this need to be assigned to Report template created

4. You need to set up WWI connectivity ( BASIS team can help you for setting up this) ,also a generation server is required for the reports to generate

5.You require certain setting in Document management system as well.

Once everything is ready,you can create a report ,release it and then use it for distribution.

Please check the following link

Also search in SAP notes for further info

Some other documents which may help -

All the EHS related data will be inserted in a template with specification symbols and data from other modules ( MM,SD etc) use parameter symbols. Please refer to symbols and symbols group for further help

Hope this helps