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MRS planning nodes transfer

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Hello, gurus!

We're implementing MRS system landscape consisted of three system:

  • SAP HCH (source of HR-data)
  • SAP ERP (source of PM-demands)
  • SAP MRS (standalone planning system based on SAP ERP).

Both MRS add-ons are installed on all systems.

HR organisation structure is distributed thru all landscape by means of ALE.

Now we are trying to transfer logistical work center data from ERP to MRS.

In ERP-system logistical WC are assigned to HR organization units.

In MRS-system we don’t have any PM-settings, plants etc.

We tried to use report /MRSS/SGE_RES_PN_MNT, started it on MRS-system and chose logical system of ERP. Then we’ve seen message, that says
“No work center details found; no work center is linked to org. unit 50013363. Planning node for org. unit 50013363 was transferred”.

After that we could see in the table /MRSS/D_PN_HD this planning node with node_type=”O”, but not WC with node_type=”A”.

The question is: should we also define somehow logistical WC on MRS system (by ALE?), or there is another way how to transfer WC-data to MRS?

Thank you!

Best regards


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Did you find any solution? I have the same issue