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More than one Specification/Substance in a Standard operating procedure

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my problem is that my company wants to show information of more than one Specification/Substance in relation to a work area at a SOP. In detail: At one work area you work with different substances and all information (r-phrases, s-phrases, etc.) has to be printed at one single SOP for this work area.

In my understanding this is not possible because there is no way how to select more than one Specification to create a report out of it.

The only way, I can think of, how to solve this problem would be to create a "work area" specification and set the substances in a composition. In the report you can print the different substances and their information with repeating groups.

I think this is not really the right way how to do this. Is there any other way?

Thanks for your help

Kind regards


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Hallo Christoph

thanks for your answer.

I think this is the only way how to solve the problem. So I will do it with a linking objekt (specification) which has only one value assignment. This value assignment contains the substances related to the work place. With this construc I can print more than one substance data on a SOP. It is a bit confusing for the users but there is IMO no other way how to deal with it. It would be nice if there would be a repeating group to go through the exposures in the workplace.

Kind regards

Gerhard Faller

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Hello Gerhard

the solution you have specified is the only one which I know in the sense how to solve the issue


In the old EU MSDS the property "hazardous ingredients" has been used to print regarding one REAL_SUb data in MSDS regarding classification/labeling of "ingredients" (some now with GHS classification/labeling but using a different property)

In the new EU MSDS the same approach is used to handle the topic of exposure scenarios (that means furthere specificaiotns are introducded to store data to be retrived later in a WWI report)

Generally only properties of type composition and substance listing can be used to print data regarding "components" (there is one exception to my knowlegde of this general approach; here I am not so familiar with the solution; the solution is iseu din EH&S Waste; here a characteristics on an EHS Clas is set up in such a way, that you can specify a specification; I have no knowledge if or if not there exists a standard report symbol in using thic characteristic to be used to retrieve data from the "Component"))

IN your example the "Work area" is the "root object" there one or more specifications are handled with different hazard criterias.

If you read the sap online help they are providing similar approaches (EHS IHS):

e.g. how to set a "Hazardous Substance Inventory", how to handle "Exposure Management"

In Chapter "Work Area Management" the SOP topic is described as well. The SOP process is described using "Agents" (Hazards ) in combination with "Work areas"

May be this helps

With best regards