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Milestone and Milestone Trend Analysis in PS and PPM cProjects

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Hi Experts,

To my knowledge, the Milestones in PS and milestones in cProjects are not mapped or synchronized.

In turn, milestone trend analysis in PS and cProjects are also not synchronized. Correct me if I am wrong.

That means, we can implement Milestone trend analysis in either of side to avoid inconsistency and confusion


the moment we release milestone and perform billing in PS-SD, we must confirm milestone task manually here in PPM also to analysis progress through Milestone trend analysis both the side. RIGHT??

Is there any BADI to create milestone automatically in either side (PS to cProjects or cProjects to PS) and synchronize them?


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Hi Sandeep,

Your understanding is correct. The milestones defined in SAP PPM are created as WBS elements in SAP PS, once you transfer your project.

If you need to report the Milestone Trend in SAP PPM and PS as well, then the user has to do it manually..

You can check the list of available BADIs in SAP PPM from the below mentioned note.

Hope it helps..