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MII Fixed query execution had no result sets.

Former Member

I have a MII Fixed query that is doing an Insert into a table. This does not bring back any results.

The inserts are working fine.

However my MII log is getting filled with "fixed query execution had no result sets...

This is a warning, but I would love to clean up the log so that this warning does not appear.

Is there a way of doing an Insert into a SQL table without getting this warning?

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Answers (3)

Former Member

I have changed the SQL Query from a Fixed query to Command query and the warnings have gone.

Thanks Agentry SRC for the advice.

Happy to help.

Regards, Mike Appleby

Active Contributor

You should be able to get the logging category and tracing location from the messages. Then go to the log configuration in the nwa and configure the logging severity for the category and location.

There is no result sets because this is an Insert. Curious as to why you are using a fixed query instead of a Command Query to do your insert?