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MII 15.1 scheduled transaction session threads stay open

MII 15.1 SP3 Patch 16 / NetWeaver 7.5 AS Java

Every time a scheduled transaction executes that uses a Credential Store the session thread stays in a Sticky state. This is only happening in one of our MII clients and jobs are configured the same way in all clients. Is there a configuration setting that could be causing these sessions to stay open? Is there a way to configure it to not open a session for scheduled transactions?

There aren't any errors reported in the NetWeaver log / trc. In sapmmc, session threads stay open until the timeout value is hit.

JOBSERVICE is a credential store to a user with Illuminator service level access:

Sessions show as active in the log after the transaction completes:

In NetWeaver Administrator System Overview, they are not listed as active:

There are a few sessions showing in NWA > Session Management: Resource Consumption:

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I updated the ticket login policy for SPNegoLoginModule and BasicPasswordLoginModule to be OPTIONAL and it resolved the issue. NetWeaver now creates the MYSAPSSO2 cookie for users that use integrated Windows authentication and users that use basic authentication without causing job (scheduled transaction) user sessions to stay open.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Until we find a solution to this issue, we removed the Credential Store from the transaction scheduler from every scheduled job. The jobs run without creating a web session when there isn't a Credential Store used.

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You can check if the SessionIdRegenerationEnabled is set to false on that server. Look at the thread linked below for more info.


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Thanks for the reply. I verified SessionIdRegenerationEnabled is set to false. It is very strange. I have been going through several Java configuration settings and cannot find differences between MII servers. When the scheduler is running it hits the session limit within a couple of hours and then I get a 503 error when trying to log in to MII.