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Management de l'environnement sécurité et santé

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I use SAP HANA 2022 applications for EHSM incident management, but KPI data is not updated for incident rate, injury/illness cases, darts rate, and only hours worked data

DART RATE-KPI Dashboard Incident Rate - KPI Dashboard ***

Please guide if we missed any important steps or system requirements for updating KPI data.


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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Ali,

there are several prerequisites to make an incident appear in any of the embedded analytics you mention (DART rate, Incident Rate, Number of Recordable Cases):

  1. The Hours Worked have to be maintained in the "Manage Hours Worked" app for the respective location,
  2. You have set a "My Location" using the app "Set My Location" - the embedded analytics show the data for the "My Location" and all sublocations,
  3. The incident and/or injured person are "Reporting Required". This flag is set semi-automatically. As an example, if you're using the OSHA or BG regulation, there are a number of criteria the incident may become "Reporting Required". Alternatively, there's a BAdI to set the "Reporting Required" flag.
  4. (DART Rate) Make sure that you have maintained Absences, Restrictions, or Job Transfers against an injured person. This can be automated using the integration to SAP HCM Time Management.

You may also check if the SAP Note 3271906 - Not all injured persons showing up in Summary Report or Incidents - Detailed Anal... is applied in your system.

With kind regards,


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Answers (1)

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i am sorry. Your topic is nearly not addressed here. I am not aware of some threads regarding your topic. Refer to my answer in

With you the best