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Maintenance Notification from EHS not generating

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I have activated integration between EHS and EAM(PM).

When I create a Maintenance Notification task against an incident, no subsequent notification is generated in PM.

There are no error messages, and no entry in SLG1.

The Location Type is "SITE" which is the default location type configured by SAP for this integration.

The notification type is the standard "OS" (IHS Notification) and an appropriate number range is assigned.

What have I missed?

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Answers (1)

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1) First check if the event linkage for the Task PM workflow pattern is active.

2) If yes, you can put a breakpoint in class CL_EHFND_EXT_NOTIF_PM_PROXY method CREATE_NOTIFICATION for user SAP_WFRT and see what messages are returned after CALL FUNCTION 'BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_CREATE' is executed. There you should have more information what is going wrong.

After you create the PM task, you can put start day for today and save it. Then execute report "R_EHFND_TDEF_SCHEDULER_JOB" so the task can start immeadately. In this way, you wont wait the job itself to start the task.